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WD Tray

The luminaire consists of a grey, polycarbonate base with a cap of clear plastic that is impact-resistant. The fixture falls under the IP65 class.

WD-PROF 0601 LEDTube T8 WDPT8061LT39
WD-PROF 0602 LEDTube T8 WDPT8062LT39
WD-PROF 1201 LEDTube T8 WDPT8121LT39
WD-PROF 1202 LEDTube T8 WDPT8122LT39
WD-PROF 1501 LEDTube T8 WDPT8151LT39
WD-PROF 1502 LEDTube T8 WDPT8152LT39
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