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The Veko Rowan luminaires offers advanced low glare LED luminaires, and is a great choice in spaces where the blinding factor is highly important. With different lens optics in our range, there is a Rowan luminaire for each space: from wide rack aisles, loading areas and production areas to high bay warehouses. In addition to a great, robust appearance, the Rowan LED luminaires are extra-ordinarily efficient. Because the luminaires can be equipped with lens optics, the best possible distribution of light and the best conceivable protection against glare is offered. Rowan ensures job satisfaction and productivity.

Revit Placement unhosted
Watt 10.3 / 154.4 W
Lumen 1,700 – 24,100 lm
CCT 4000K (3000 – 6500 on request)
Length 1030, 1530, 2030mm
Options DALI, CLO, corridor, emergency lighting (central or decentral)
CRI >80 (>90 possible)
Color untreated aluminium, anodized, RAL colours
IP Value IP40


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