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LED downlight for ceiling recessing in outdoor applications. Recessed spotlight for use in cutout ceiling apertures. Cut-out opening Ø 195 mm. Recess depth ≥ 150 mm. With rapid-mounting springs for tool-free mounting. Fixing bracket is height-adjustable. Tensioning springs suitable for ceilings with thicknesses of: 10 – 40 mm. With rotationally symmetrical medium-wide light distribution. Luminaire luminous flux 2000 lm, connected load 20,00 W, luminous efficiency of luminaire 100 lm/W. Light colour warm white, correlated colour temperature (CCT) 3000 K, general colour rendering index (CRI) R a > 80.

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Watt 2W – 23W
Lumen 100lm – 2000lm
CCT 3000K
CRI >80
Color Silver grey / White
IP Value IP65 / IP68
IK Value IK08 / IK10
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