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Duncan IP65

The multifunctional Duncan has been developed especially for retail, industry, offices and utilities. The patented lighting system is a perfect fit everywhere: its lumen output and light diffusion can be fine-tuned to the installation height, décor and location application. The microprismatic design of the lens optics is wholly unique and does not require a reflector to reduce lens glare. This results in an open, transparent design with optimum light yield combined with maximum comfort. The Duncan has been developed to meet EN standards.

Revit Placement unhosted
Watt 60W – 62W
Lumen 10003lm – 10016lm
CCT 4000K (3000 – 6500 on request)
Length 1500mm
Options DALI, CLO, corridor, emergency lighting (central or decentral)
Color Untreated aluminium, anodized, RAL colours
IP Value IP65


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